About the

Leading a life with intent that leads to a meaningful existence, creating a useful legacy for others.

The purpose of the Options for Growth Foundation is to support and promote the education of underprivileged adolescents and young adults who live in Switzerland or who are from developing countries. The support is intended to strengthen their personal and professional role in society, promote leadership skills and increase their influence in all areas of society.

Our approach

With contributions and loans to the costs of education and / or grants for professional development opportunities, intercultural, academic training at state-recognized universities and technical colleges, primarily in Switzerland, is to be promoted.

The education abroad of young people living in Switzerland or young adults from developing countries is supported in justified cases, e.g. if an equivalent education in Switzerland is not possible or cannot be financed.

The contributions should be granted in cooperation with Swiss universities and technical colleges, educational institutions, foundations (or comparable institutions).

We have started our first collaboration with EDUCA SWISS in 2022. EDUCA SWISS are a Swiss foundation for the promotion and financing of education. We support motivated people in the implementation of their educational project by providing free support during planning and budgeting and by arranging low-interest educational loans.

Our second collaboration also started in 2022 with Superar Suisse. The non-profit association Superar Suisse uses this potential of music and tries to change society positively with the free offer of orchestra and choir lessons for children and young people.  Many of the Superar children have a migration background and come from educationally deprived backgrounds without access to classical music or any musical training at all. By comprehensively promoting the generation of tomorrow, Superar Suisse makes a direct and essential contribution to society.